About rinaldo.net

Welcome to the new rinaldo.net web site. We’ve made some changes around here lately, hopefully for the better. We have moved to a new web hosting company (IX Web Hosting) and started using more modern tools to build and maintain our site including WordPress for page maintenance and posting blog entries. We are also using jAlbum to generate the online photo albums.


The idea for having our own web page all came up when we found that my company, Schlumberger (back in 2001, now known as LTX-Credence) was going to be providing us with DSL service for tele-working. With this, we decided that we wanted to have a web presence and e-mail addresses that went beyond the typical “@pacbell.net”, so I started looking for a domain name. A friend at work, highly recommended that I look into Dotster.com to get a domain name of our own. Upon that, I started looking for a domain name that fit. I found a few that we liked, such as “fort-rinaldo.com”, “rinaldo5.net” or “stop-at-e.org”, but I thought about the longer term and really wanted “RINALDO.NET”. I discovered that the domain name was up for sale just by entering the domain name into by browser, so I forked out the credit card and got it transferred. So that’s the history, now here’s some plugs of the providers that it takes to keep us up and running.

Web Hosting

We are currently using IX Web Hosting for the rinaldo.net web site and e-mail services. In the past, we used RackShack, an Everyone’s Internet company. They merged with The Planet and are now SoftLayer. So far, we’re satisfied with IX Web Hosting, but as you can see, times change and so do web hosting companies.

We also would like to acknowledge Registrars.com who are currently our domain name registrar because we transferred this domain name from a company in Italy called Top Marche that was selling it.. We would highly recommend you also look at Dotster.com for your domain name registration who offer $15 domain name registration…they are the registrar of the MOFL.ORG domain name for the Mount Olive Football League.

Tools Used To Create This Web Site

I used to spend a lot of time on this site as a learning tool for web programming techniques and I still will for specialized applications, but the days of rolling your own for basic web pages is pretty much a thing of the past. I decided to take WordPress for a drive this time and create the photo albums using jAlbum. This should allow us to upload pictures easily and share content without worrying about all the details behind it. When I do have to create some specialized graphics, I choose open source tools like The Gimp. I’m a strong proponent of open-source software and enjoy using all kinds of computers and operating systems…I do prefer Macs for my family, though. If you’re in the mood to talk Mac, just send it to webspecialist@rinaldo.net

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