AKG K240 Repair for a Friend

Here’s another AKG K240 repair job.  I took on the job of repairing my friend’s headphones after they had already been repaired once.  Since I had a good experience with repairing mine I thought I’d give it a try.  Here’s how it went:


After removing the “emblem” cover:


Take out the two screws


Ready to open:


Apparently, the previous fix used some sort of putty or chewing gum to hold it all together.  Unfortunately, the bars and wires could still move around and one of the previously repaired solder joints had failed again.  So I took out all the gum and got the epoxy ready.


After getting some of the gum out:


Had this epoxy in the shop for some time, had to see if it was still good…it was.


All cleaned up, new solder joints on both bars and ready for epoxy.


The epoxy cures so quickly, I had to make a third batch for the actual repair.


After putting on the epoxy:


After burying the screw, I thought that might not be so good if there were ever another attempt to remove the bars again, so while the epoxy was still gummy, I removed the screw, cleaned up the area and removed the epoxy from the screw.


After cleaning the screw off, I gave it a light coat of petroleum jelly and put it back in.


Here’s one last look inside before re-assembly:


Time for some final re-assembly after 20 minutes or so…


And back in the box for an hour to cure.


After one final test, call it done…good as new!

AKG 240 Studio Headphone Repair

Last night I discovered the left side of my AKG 240 Studio headphones was flakey. With a bit of searching, I found this was a pretty common failure for this model. After reading and looking at a few tutorials on the web, I decided to go for the repair. The failure point was obvious once I got them open, a flakey connection that became fully open once I exposed it. Follow along as I document my 15 minute journey to repair them.

Just getting started, need to peel back the gold cover “emblem” by prying off with my fingernail.
Once that was off, the two Phillips head screws were exposed.
Once the screws were out, I gently pulled off the cover exposing the wires and the red one just popped off completely. I also found a small bit of plastic broken off from the piece over the cross-bars.
After peeling back the insulation on the wire and tinning it, I soldered it back in place with a generous blob of solder.
If you notice, I touched the plastic around the edge a bit with the soldering iron, but it’s no problem, they went back together nicely.
The cause appears to be because of the movement of the two cross-bars that not only provide the mechanical connection from left to right, but also carry the audio signal electrically. If this should happen again, I will probably get out the J-B Weld and epoxy over where the cross-bars connect so they don’t move around so much in there. But for now, all is working once again. Yeah!

Celebrating 50…

Back on Feb. 14, 2010, Mount Olive celebrated our 50th anniversary. The band celebrated by singing songs that we had done as far back as any of us could remember. I even dressed the part, too! 🙂

Here’s I Believe in Jesus complete with the stuttering leader (me) and the Apostle’s Creed in the middle just like we did it back in the day. Thanks to Daniel Sievert for providing the video!

My first YouTube video

I’m not one to share a lot of media, but yesterday I found myself listening to my personal music library and reminiscing about this night when Mark Belanger and I performed together at his gig at the Flat Iron Cafe in Middleborough, MA while I was visiting there as part of my summer vacation in 2010. Here’s how we looked and sounded after one brief rehearsal:

Tequila Sunrise – Eagles cover by Mark Belanger and Bery Rinaldo

Special thanks to my friend Patrick Mullin for using my iPhone 4 to video us, and to Mark for graciously sharing the stage for a few songs. A good time was had by all!